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  • Cantonese Opera (Ko Shan Theatre) (Music)

    Sum Yu Cantonese Opera Society perform classic operatic pieces. ...

    2015 Mega ice hockey 5's (Around Town)

    Attracting thousands of players from around the world, this tournament is considered one of Asia's largest. The youth division play between Apr ...

    Cantonese Opera (Ko Shan Theatre) (Music)

    Classic Cantonese opera performed by the Evergreen Opera Troupe. ...

  • Drum Jam (Music)

    Play that funky music! Drum Jam teaches you the basics to beat away at different styles of drums from around the world. Bring a friend and meet ...

    Avant Music Night 2015 (Music)

    The annual event makes its third reprise, featuring the works of Thomas Simaku, David Lancaster, and more. ...

    Avant Music Night 2015 (Music)

    The annual event makes its third reprise, featuring the works of Thomas Simaku, David Lancaster, and more. ...

  • The Blue Bird (Stage)

    More than 100 years on from its debut, Belgian playwright Maurice Maeterlinck's seminal tale of life, love and happiness is performed at the ...

    Cantonese Opera (Ko Shan Theatre) (Music)

    Cantonese opera performance by Lung Kui Kam Yuen Court. ...

    Sharing Lectures by HK Composers (Music)

    Dr Mui Kwong-chiu lectures on music as a language, with Ho kit-fun demonstrating on the harmonica and Cecilia Lam performing on the piano. ...

  • Gorillaz Sound System (Clubs)

    Founded by Gorillaz percussionist DJ Remi Kabaka, the Gorillaz Sound System combines stunning audio visuals with the unique world sounds of this ...

    Chris Polanco (Music)

    Latin-Canto band is set to take the stage this month. Their spicy beats will have you hitting the dance floor all night long. ...

    High on Life: A cappella concert (Music)

    If you're looking for something off the beaten path, check out this Danish a capella group at Fringe Club. ...

  • Jekyll and Hyde (Home)

    Jonathan Holloway's adaptation of the seminal tale of man's duality...

    A Night with Flutes (Music)

    Joyeux Winds present select pieces performed by flautists of the highest calibre. ...

  • Yuto (Music)

    Born and raised in Japan, Yuto has performed in NYC and LA. Bringing his singing and guitar strumming talent to Hong Kong, this is one act you're ...

    On & On & Turn Turn Turn (Stage)

    Y-Space celebrate their 20th anniversary in a performance centred upon the notion of perpetual movement. The performance will include pieces ...

    Tempest (Shakespeare in the Port) (Stage)

    Part of Shakespeare in the Port, Hong Kong's first outdoor Shakespearean festival. ...

  • The Beethoven Journey (Music)

    The Mahler Chamber Orchestra perform pieces by the great composer, including Corolian Overture, Op. 62. ...

    Cantonese Opera (Sha Tin Town Hal) (Music)

    Genesis Art Development Institute present a classic Cantonese operatic performance. ...

    Cantonese Opera Excerpts (Music)

    Cantonese opera performance by Lung Kui Kam Yuen Court. ...

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La Paloma

Affordable Spanish fare in Sai Ying Pun

Jack’s Fried Chicken

Great burger but not-so-great fried fowl

Braza Churrascaria

Some highs and some lows as you get the meat sweats

Timón Seafood Tapas

New tapas king in Wan Chai

Holy Crab

Communal seafood fun at the new LKF eatery


Olfactory temptations compensate for acceptable drinks

Yuan is Here

Taiwanese at the right price

Yakiniku Great

Great in name, great in nature


Wan Chai back-alley fun…

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The Water Diviner

Russell Crowe stars as an Australian farmer who goes in search of the bodies of his three sons during WWI

Q&A: Lau Ho-leung - Two Thumbs Up

Lau Ho-leung makes his directorial debut and tells us why his first film needs to be very Hong Kong

Ode to My Father

Drama focusing on a young boy's journey after he makes a vow to take care of his family in war-torn Korea

Fast & Furious 7

The franchise is back with a bang - this installment being the first to follow the tragic death of Paul Walker