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  • John Digweed World Tour Hong Kong (Clubs)

    Legendary DJ and producer John Digweed is back with some brand new tracks...

    Hushup Cinema Launch (Around Town)

    With the launch of Hot Tub Time Machine and The Somersby Silent Lawn Cinema, enjoy some of your favourite films in unconventional environments. ...

    Hong Kong ASTC Triathlon Asian Cup (Around Town)

    A must-attend event, where triathletes will be putting months of hard work and training to the test, hoping to secure the Asian Cup crown. ...

  • On Stage with Jin Xing (Home)

    China’s first trans woman dance artist Jin Xing debuts with an ethreal performance ...

    Mono (Home)

    We take a look a the band's 15-year-old discography and remind ourselves why they are pioneers of their genre...

  • Liar's League: Here & Queer (POSTPONED (Around Town)

    Hosted in conjunction with Pink Season, the city's LGBT writers come out in full force at a literary night of storytelling related to the theme. *Rescheduled ...

  • India Through Chinese Eyes (Around Town)

    A talk on solo travel and launch of the author couple Hong Mei and Tom Carter’s book, after they spent a year exploring India and thoroughly ...

  • Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival (Restaurants & Bars)

    Get wined and dined this autumn at this year’s Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival ...

    International Culture and Food Festiva (Restaurants & Bars)

    Come and try an array of tasty international dishes at Kowloon Plaza City...

  • The World was Made on Sunday (Stage)

    Theatrical music ensemble The Box presents a new production exploring the lives of three men - writer Nabakov, composer Shostakovitch and Soviet ...

    Halloween Styloween 2014 (Around Town)

    Register now for our sinfully fun Halloween party...

    Unicycle Hockey (Around Town)

    A club that's been around since 2000 and starting to really gain some traction. They are always looking for new players to join in every Friday. ...

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