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  • Magnetic Soul 9th Anniversary x dBridg (Clubs)

    Founder of drum 'n' bass promoter Magnetic Soul David Chillingsworth tells us about his organisation ahead of their ninth anniversary ...

    Imagine Peace Festival (Around Town)

    An annual non-profit celebration of inner peace through music, dance and more...

    Tonnochy (Stage)

    The smash hit starring Tony Leung and Carina Lau enjoys endless (it seems) reruns after opening this year to critical acclaim. The story revolves ...

  • Reverberating Heavenly Tunes in Greate (Music)

    The revered Sistine Chapel Choir makes its Asia debut with shows in Hong Kong and Macau...

    Only Through Time (Around Town)

    Inspired by the famous line 'only through time is time conquered', the play tells of a story about coming of age twice-over in HK, once at 21 ...

    Al Murray, The Pub Landlord (Around Town)

    Punchline Comedy Club presents UK comic Al Murray – The Pub Landlord – on his epic world tour, The Only Way. ...

  • The Still Point - Sons 'n' Daughters: (Around Town)

    Hong Kong-based designers showcase a series of new fashion collections in response to The Still Point. ...

    Dinner in the Dark (Around Town)

    Experience a truly unique dining experience – enjoy a 3 course meal prepared by top chefs... in the dark. ...

    Handmade Hong Kong (Around Town)

    A fun-filled market that features all things indie and handmade – jewellery, ceramics, organics and much more. ...

  • Cocktail Magic from London’s Nightja (Around Town)

    Mixologist maestro Luca Cinalli works his cocktail magic at Lobster Bar and Grill...

    Playwright's Studio (Stage)

    Emerging writers are given a platform and a spotlight to showcase their works-in-progress in this three day series hosted by the Arts Centre ...

  • Mamma Mia! (Stage)

    The main cast members of Mamma Mia! explain the universal appeal of a tale of love, life and laughter ...

    Drama-based Executive Training Worksho (Around Town)

    Learn from the pros the skills of drama-based executive training at this experimental workshop. ...

    People's Liberation Improv (Around Town)

    Laugh out loud with Hong Kong's largest English-speaking comedy improv troupe - you never know what's in store for you! ...

  • Argentinian Art Fiesta (Art)

    Argentina artists Claudia Lucini, Marcela Pittner and Miriam Rojas reflect on the colour and the chaos of their native land...

    Maybeshewill (Music)

    The British five-piece arrive to melt your face off, and you’ll love it...

    Gromit Unleashed Online Charity Auctio (Around Town)

    The exuberant Gromit Unleashed exhibition took Hong Kong by storm when it hit Elements mall last month. It's finally time for the artistic interpretations ...

  • Contempt (Stage)

    Nine emerging opera artists from the Jiangsu province break the mould with this experimental stage show, where old and new fuse. In Putonghua ...

    Nikki Yanofsky (Music)

    The jazz-pop prodigy drops by for a chat ahead of her show at Sevva...

    Crowdfunding for Arts Workshop (Around Town)

    What is crowdfunding? How can we raise money for projects using the Internet? If you've ever thought about launching a kickstarter campaign, ...

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