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  • Run for Change (Around Town)

    We’re notorious for light pollution in Hong Kong. To raise awareness of our blindingly planet-pricey habit, WWF are turning off the lights ...

    Ocean Appreciation Month (Around Town)

    Dive into a sea of events organised for Ocean Appreciation Month, including a Stanley Art Walk and a Motion Film Festival. On Kids Art Day, over ...

    Emmanuel Santarromana (Clubs)

    It's BYOB at everyone's favourite underground den, with house and nu-funk disc jockey Emmanuel Santarromana on the decks. ...

  • Walk for Sight (Around Town)

    Here’s hoping we’re walking on sunshine at this year’s annual walkathon in Tai Tam. Registration for the event is over, but there are free ...

    Bring Home A Chair - Charity Art Jam (Around Town)

    Pick up a brush, head to the playground and release that inner Monet on a customisable chair of your desire. Et voila! A piece de résistance ...

    Kai Tak Art Picnic (Around Town)

    Get involved in the plethora of activities at Kai Tak Runway Park, including bottle gardening, circle painting, a farming workshop, book swaps ...

  • Russell Peters Almost Famous World Tou (Around Town)

    The Canadian funnyman returns to Hong Kong...

    Cavalia (Stage)

    The multimedia equestrian spectacle Cavalia (created by one of the co-founders of Cirque du Soleil) comes to Hong Kong in April, featuring aerial ...

    Jump Cut Independent Film Festival (Around Town)

    It's the only film event in Asia curated entirely by teenagers, and what a talented bunch of film-makers we have. The six-day fest brings an ...

  • Sky Blu (Clubs)

    Don't be put off by the name of this guy's band, LMFAO (ahem, or their reputation) – his family founded Motown records, so he's got a few musical ...

    Yuck (Home)

    London indie rockers Yuck bring their scintillating show to HK...

  • He Baili: The Spirit of Brush and Ink (Art)

    A student of the Lingnan school of ink painting, He Baili's work reveal an artist well travelled - he spent a bit of time in North America studying ...

    The Smurfs Live on Stage (Around Town)

    Our favourite colony of blue in their distinctive Phrygian caps are trooping to theAcademy for Performing Arts in a bid to save Spring. Join ...

    Asian Art Hong Kong (Around Town)

    A jam packed nine-day line-up of exhibitions and lectures within the splendor of the city's finest galleries. Don't miss 'Fashion and Tradition ...

  • Peppa Pig Super Pop (Kids )

    Peppa Pig's first bilingual interactive playground features a walk-through exhibition that gives kids the chance to put themselves into 10 of the cartoon's most popular scenes...

    Pillow Talk (Around Town)

    Learn how to tell bedtime stories that’ll send your kids off into lands of dragons and fairy-tale princesses. It’ll certainly make for fewer ...

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