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  • We Came as Romans (Music)

    Cracking US metalcore outfit who beautifully mix deep, guttural screaming with uplifting clean interludes and bridge sections. Get in now for ...

    Haydn's Creation (Music)

    Brett Weymark and the HK Philharmonic bring Haydn's powerful oratorio to life...

    Affordable Art Fair (Art)

    The Affordable Art Fair rolls back in to town for its third annual showing...

  • We Start From Here (Music)

    Four local indie outfits with very differing sounds come together for a night of live music well worth making the journey out to Aberdeen for. ...

    Treasures Abroad: Works of Chao Shao-a (Around Town)

    To commemorate artist Chao Shao-an’s 110th birthday, the San Francisco Asian Art Museum are lending 12 signature, never been shown in Hong ...

    Asia Rugby Championship: Hong Kong vs (Around Town)

    Still struggling with post-Rugby Sevens blues or finally recovered from its colossal hangover? Take two is with the Asian Rugby Championship ...

  • Live Spectacle: Naruto (Around Town)

    Expect big stunts, dramatic costumes, enthralling acting and daring acrobats as Kishimoto’s manga classic, Naruto, bounces onto the Venetian ...

    Bats and Fireflies (Around Town)

    If you’re a creature of the night, spread your wings and fly to Fanling for some bat and firefly spotting. The 7km walk organised by Hong Kong ...

    Silent Disco Yoga Class (Around Town)

    Wash away the impending doom of Monday with a bout of yoga by the harbour. Instructor Nora Lim takes us through the moves with wireless headphones ...

  • Aqua Luna sets sail for the Cheung Cha (Around Town)

    Take a trip on one of Hong Kong's last traditional junks to the historic Cheung Chau Bun Festival. Characterised by its towers of 'lucky' buns ...

    ComedyHK Open Mic Night (Around Town)

    Get your week off to the right start with a fresh injection of comedy at Bar 109. There’s free beer, too, for any aspiring comedian who braves ...

    Lord Buddha’s Birthday (Around Town)

    Feeling old? Buddha’s turning 2559 this year, so you have no grounds for complaint. The plans to celebrate his big day include a cultural variety ...

  • Arabian Nights (Stage)

    One of 65 performances presented by the Faust International Youth Theatre, showcasing the talent of youth in live theatre. ...

    Fairytale Courtroom (Stage)

    One of 65 performances presented by the Faust International Youth Theatre, showcasing the talent of youth in live theatre. ...

  • Café Amour (Stage)

    In Café Amour, people from every cross-section of life come together and share their stories over a cup of coffee. ...

    Saving Neverland (Stage)

    One of 65 performances presented by the Faust International Youth Theatre, showcasing the talent of youth in live theatre. ...

  • Hong Kong Writer’s Circle Open House (Around Town)

    If you’re a dab hand at putting pen to paper the HKWC’s Open House social is write up your street. A chance to mingle with fellow writers ...

    Rue de Marseille Live (Music)

    The last in Agnès B's recent series of fab but inconveniently timed monthly free gigs. Worth sneaking out the office for this time are the sounds ...

    Extrapolation (Music)

    An eclectic seven piece jazz band from the Philippines, Extrapolation combine elements of soul, funk, hip-hop, and electronica in their interpreations ...

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Champagne Bar
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Leisurely Veggie
Restaurants & Bars

Solid vegetarian cuisine for Hongkongers who love their greens

Chaky's Public House
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Solid Indian with a serving of sports on the side

Affordable Art Fair

The Affordable Art Fair rolls back in to town for its third annual showing

Q&A: Michael Bridges - HKFC Citibank
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We talk to the former Leeds United striker about his valiant return to the Masters

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Korean fusion restaurants in Hong Kong
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Napoli’s Pizza & Caffé Shop
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Ace authentic slices that are cooked in seconds

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Umbrella Festival
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We look forward to a packed fortnight of events at the upcoming Umbrella Festival

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Hong Kong Free Press launches crowdfun
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Les Pucelles
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An authentic spot for wine lovers

Interview: Fong Chung-ray

We talk to Fong Chung-ray about his role in challenging the status quo of conventional ink art

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We explore the controversy surrounding
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French photographer Denis Darzacq talks falling, flying and fashion

We discover some of HK's most talented

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Get your curl on with the ghd StyleTruck between May 11 and 17!

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The 10 best cycling routes to get you out and about on two wheels

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Post-it note confessions: What secret
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Restaurants & Bars Highlights

Maison Es

Pretty as a picture, with flavours to match


Verdict Contemporary comfort food that could leave you waiting

Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine

Cute cat fans rejoice! Dim sum lovers not so much...

La Paloma

Affordable Spanish fare in Sai Ying Pun

Braza Churrascaria

Some highs and some lows as you get the meat sweats

Timón Seafood Tapas

New tapas king in Wan Chai

Holy Crab

Communal seafood fun at the new LKF eatery

Yuan is Here

Taiwanese at the right price

Yakiniku Great

Great in name, great in nature

Film Highlights


Follow the Yellow Brick Road to utopia in this peculiar, philosophically inclined Disney family adventure

Mad Max: Fury Road

Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy star in George Miller's exhilarating Mad Max reboot

A Little Chaos

Kate Winslet stars as a landscape gardener, working in King Louis XIV's grand gardens of Versailles


Gripping documentary film about whistleblower Edward Snowden

Danny Collins

A long-undelivered letter from the late John Lennon throws aging rocker (Al Pacino)'s life into a spin

White God

A Hungarian girl's loyal mutt is taken from her and transformed into a ferocious dogfighting champion