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Eiffel Tower, Paris
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Eiffel Tower strike: why workers are striking, how long it will last and tourist impact

Tourists were left disappointed on Monday when the Eiffel Tower was closed due to strike action

Grace Beard
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Grace Beard

It’s arguably the world’s most well-known tourist attraction and welcomes on average a staggering 7 million visitors a year – but this week, tourists were left disappointed as Paris’s iconic Eiffel Tower was closed due to strike action. It’s the second strike held at the landmark since December. Wondering if you’ll be able to visit the tower? This is everything we know about the Eiffel Tower strikes and what to do if you have a ticket.

Why is the Eiffel Tower on strike?

Eiffel Tower staff are striking over how the monument is managed. Unions representing the workers claim the city is underestimating maintenance costs and overselling tickets, which puts a burden on staff and poses safety risks to both visitors and employees. It’s also been reported that staff are demanding a salary increase in line with rising ticket costs.

How long will the Eiffel Tower be closed?

The Eiffel Tower was closed on Monday, February 19 and will remain closed today (Tuesday, February 20), according to a notice on the official Eiffel Tower website. The website warns that the strike could be extended and disrupt the tower’s opening on Wednesday, February 21, too. It’s predicted that the monument could remain closed for the entire week.

Can tourists still visit?

It is not possible to climb the tower while it’s closed due to strike action. Those with e-tickets for the tower are advised to check their e-mail for advice.

Will the strikes impact the Olympics?

The Paris 2024 Olympics kick off in the summer, with the official opening ceremony scheduled for July 26. Whether staff at the Eiffel Tower strike during the games remains to be seen, but it’s been reported that public sector workers have been offered a bonus to stave off any industrial action that could impact the games.

What’s been said about the strike so far?

A joint statement from the CGT and FO unions called on the city of Paris ‘to be reasonable with their financial demands to ensure the survival of the monument and the company operating it’. 

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