10 things you didn't know about Paul Ogata


1. “My dog, Coffeebean, was voted Class Clown in his obedience school. (As was I in high school.)”

2. “I love, love, love Macintosh computers. I've owned seven different Macs, four iPods and an iPhone.”

3. “I went to university to study electrical engineering. (I even wrote a video game at the age of 13.)”

4. “I took basketball lessons from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.”

5. “I played in a heavy metal band for four years. (Okay, it was the high school marching band. But I played the tuba, which was both metal and heavy.)”

6. “I was made an honorary Senator by the Hawaii State Senate.”

7. “I have received a death threat from an audience member after a comedy show.”

8. “I once got drunk and fell into a bonfire while camping. Didn't even know it until the next day when I awoke with a crispy leg.”

9. “Worst injuries sustained, not in any particular order: torn ACL, broken ribs, compressed vertebrae, hangnail.”

10. “I did a private comedy show for the (alleged) head of organized crime in Hawaii. Spooky!”

Paul Ogata performs at TakeOut Comedy Club Thursday 7-Saturday 9. 34 Elgin Street, Central, 6220 4436; www.takeoutcomedy.com.




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