Restaurant & bar reviews

Q&A: Zaimah Osman – Matrade Hong Kon

We talk to the Matrade commissioner about the Malaysia Kitchen Programme, which is bringing delicious Malaysian favourites to the city

Healthy Chicken

Almost compromises taste for health

Gingers recipe: Roast turkey with trim

Celebrate the winter season with Gingers' fabulous festive feast


Superb sake and sensational skewers

Stanley Plaza Sparkling Walk 2014

Taste sparkling wines and sweet snacks around Stanley Plaza, all in support of charity

Hong Kong's best... Pancakes

We search for the best stacks in Hong Kong

HK's best Thanksgiving turkeys 2014

The best places to get your holiday turkeys on November 27

The Continental

A breezy atmosphere dishing up European fusion


Stellar surroundings and food but needs work on the drinks

The Art of Inventive Wine Pairing Menu

Starworld Macau presents a stunning gastronomic experience designed by award-winning chef Eddy Leung

Rummin' Tings

A light and fun take on the Caribbean

Hong Kong's best rooftop farms

Find out what's growing at the city's best rooftop farms

Michelin Guide 2015 Hong Kong and Maca

Following the release of the Michelin Guide 2015, we tally up the highs and the lows of the restaurant scene

HK's best... Baked pork chop rice

It’s the ultimate in HK comfort food and a favourite among all ages

Exclusive dining at Lee Gardens

23 participating restaurants are offering up their best dishes for shoppers to try at Lee Gardens

Le Relais de L'Entrecôte

A French classic opens its doors in Hong Kong


Hit-and-miss cuisine at the crest of innovation

The Old Hangar

Cruise in for good quality comfort food

6 HK eateries that have stood the test

Step back in time to the HK restaurants that haven’t changed in decades

L’Entrecôte de Paris

Succulent steak, maybe, but frightful frites

Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival

Get wined and dined this autumn at this year’s Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival

Filipino food festival 2014

Prepare to have your senses scintillated at this exclusive Filipino food festival

Hong Kong’s best... Pet cafés

We search the city for places where humans and pets can both mingle with their own species


A trendy, unpretentious neighbourhood hangout

New restaurants opening in Hong Kong

Keep up-to-date with the newest restaurants and cafés opening in Hong Kong


Posh nosh for the corps d’elite


Beautifully handcrafted cocktails – but not a complete version of the legendary bar

Hong Kong food news - October 2014

The best in food and drink this month


Beak-to-tail dining at its very best

Malaysian buffet at Royal Park Hotel

Experience the best of Malaysian cuisie with 2+2 cafe's gourmet buffet in Royal Park Hotel

Risi e Bisi

Small plates that lack inspiration and pizzazz

New terrace dining spots in Hong Kong

We round up the newest terrace dining spots in HK so you can eat and drink under the sun – or beneath the stars


A quaint Japanese hole-in-the-wall we say kanpai! to


Refined classic Italian fare which shines brightly

Hong Kong’s best... Xiao long bao

We scour the city to find the best renditions of these heavenly dumplings

Mandy’s Caribbean Bar and Restaurant

A Caribbean joint that needs more flavours of paradise