The Future Sounds of Hong Kong Music Festival


A few years ago, the band sound in Hong Kong was nowhere to be seen – dead and buried, still trading off former glories from the Beyond era. But no more. Now, it’s the hot thing, again – so much so that talented indie Cantopop singer-songwriter, Chet Lam, sees it as ‘the future sound of Hong Kong’. So much so that Lam is launching a new festival, The Future Sounds of Hong Kong Music Festival.

The popular musician and founder of Seeing Creative is giving Hong Kong a summer treat by putting five of the city’s most exciting up-and-coming bands together. But the festival actually has a bigger mission. “It represents the freedom of this city, young people voicing out and having independent thoughts under the big wheel,” says Lam.

Kick-starting the series is spritely young pop-rock outfit Supper Moment (Aug 2-Aug 3), who are already bagging the YouTube hits, as well as the hot-blooded, gritty Cantorockers RedNoon (Aug 4) – who provide a little nod back to the old days of Beyond. Then – all in the space of a week – math rockers Chochukmo (Aug 30-Aug 31), the catchy punk sounds of Tonick (Sep 1) and ‘Hong Kong’s Arcade Fire’ Modern Children (Sep 2) round out the festival.

To some, ‘the future sounds of Hong Kong’ might sound a little ambitious, especially when local indie music has been outshined by Cantopop in the media for decades. But for Lam, it’s all about variety. “Co-existence of different things is the key,” he says. Indeed, we’d say it’s the future.

Gloria Cheung 

The Future Sounds of Hong Kong Music Festival runs from Aug 2-Sep 2. Tickets: Available here.

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