7: DP

Members: Paul Maclean, Dave Wong

Chubby, hirsute, and too damn loud: rock-metal duo DP wouldn’t be everyone’s first choice for favourite band. But they’re one of ours, not only for their devastatingly massive sound – produced by one heartily-spanked, six-string electric bass and one brutally-abused drum kit – but also for their ‘I’m gonna eat you’, fiercely independent attitude. “I don’t know what you’d expect a Hong Kong band to be,” says bassist and sometime-singer Dave Wong, “but I don’t think we’re it”. Drummer Paul Maclean is quick to quip in his quirky Canadian style: “I mean, we’re the same weight as a Hong Kong band.”

Yep, DP are anything but typical Hong Kong. For a start, they’re a duo, which takes guts (of which the guys have an over-supply) and sheer talent to pull off, especially considering the decibels and many hearing impairments for which they are responsible. They also cut their own course, busting out fat metal grooves while other local indie bands tread safely through Britpop and emo territory. And they don’t look out of place on an international stage – a point they proved by opening for Canadian dance-punk act You Say Party! We Say Die! earlier this year (they must be one of the few Hong Kong bands who have been asked to play an encore while in a support slot). This summer they hit England for the summer, the highlight of which was a main-stage set at the too-cool Truck Festival, held in the hills above Oxford, and they’ve just released a praise-worthy digital EP, available for free download at www.dp-hk.com.

Look to hear much more from DP as they build their reputation through more gigging – but don’t go along just because you feel you have to. They hate that shit. “All these people think Hong Kong music is a charity; that it’s like some weak dying person or something,” says Wong. “People shouldn’t support the music because they feel bad – they should support the music because they like it.” That’s certainly Time Out’s motivation.

Recommended listening: Download DP’s new EP, Songs of Man & Beast: Chapter 1, at www.dp-hk.com

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