Beauty of Harmony in Macao 2008


A theatrical show of immense proportions will be appearing above Taipa’s Nam Vam Lake this May as Macau celebrates the countdown to the Beijing Olympics. In a fashion that might just put the Arts Festival to shame, the Macau Sports Development Board has partnered with the Windsor Arch, the extravagant Taipa property developers, to bring a truly immense show to town.

The normally unremarkable man-made Nam Van Lake close to Macau Tower will be the stage for “Beauty of Harmony in Macao 2008”, which merges music, theatre, flying acrobats and a huge light show. The outdoor theatre performance is the brainchild of Valerio Festi. The Italian festival director developed his own art form of transforming huge public spaces to theatre during the 1970s after studying “the science of entertainment” at Bologna University. Together with his partner, the playwright and director Monica Maimone, the pair creates “visionary fantasies” that merge folk concepts with Renaissance and baroque traditions.

The show in Macau will be on a similar scale as his previous works in the 20th Winter Olympics opening celebrations and 2006 Paralympic Games. More than 200 artists are taking part in an hour-long romp of music, flying artists, theatre and light shows.  There is room for 6,000 seated spectators, with tickets on sale at all Circle K stores. But if the tickets sell out there’s always the option to stand beside the lake and catch it all for free. 

Beauty of Harmony in Macao 2008, May 1-3, 8.30pm. Nam Van Lake Nautical Centre, Macau. Tickets $100 available from Circle-K stories. Inquiries: 2823 6363


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