The 48-Hour Film Project


The 48-Hour Film Project is back in town! The competition based on speedy decisions, extreme co-operation, clever creativity and quick wit - oh, and not much sleep - sees competitors producing a short film within the time constraints of… yes, 48 hours.

The format is simple. On the Friday night the wannabe Hitchcocks hear the word “go!” - and then they're given a character, a prop, a line of dialogue and a genre that they must include in their film. And, within those limitations, they're free to roam in whichever direction they want to create a masterpiece in cinema (or, at least, a hilarious clip).

For reference, all the previous competition entries are in a database that covers the project as it has made its way around the globe ( While the venue, dates and times are still to be confirmed, the competition will happen some time in or around July. There are trophies and prizes up for grabs for those master film-makers. Our advice? Get stocked up on Red Bull and coffee, gather a gang of cinema-friendly pals, charge your camera batteries and get ready to roll!

Every Thursday, a gang of Hong Kong 48-Hour Film Project participants gather, including previous winners or potential entrants. At Causeway Bay between 7pm and 9pm, you might want to check out the group and see what the deal is. You may be able to pilfer some of the potential cast or crew members for your own cinematic team… Every Thursday, Absolute Bar, 12/F Allways Centre, 468 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay.

Louise Choi

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