Diary of a Sex Addict


And you thought blindness was the most it could cause. In the opening moments of Diary, Valére (Belén Fabra), our nymphomaniac protagonist, has made clear the full damage that too much sex can do to one’s intellectual faculty. So after being dumped by yet another fuck buddy, she muses: “Many men just want to fuck me, and I like that, but it hurts because – above all – I’m a woman.” Suffice to say that any illusion of a free-spirited feminist tale can be dismissed from the plate of this Spanish erotic folly, whose story frays into stupidity almost as often as its tragic heroine.

Upon learning of Valére’s inconvenient habit, all her loving grandma could come up with – being her last words and all – is to “enjoy life as much as you can”. Instead, Valére misguidedly falls for some psychotic dude (Leonardo Sbaraglia), before heeding grandma’s advice and taking a dip into prostitution, only to learn that it’s not the most enjoyable of professions. And when she eventually comes across a virtuous client, who inexplicably spends his brothel visit giving out life advice, Diary’s lofty pretence as a young woman’s life-affirming lesson has got to the point of being nauseatingly offensive.

Edmund Lee

Dir Christian Molina, Category III, 102 mins, opens Thursday 25


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