Is Hong Kong Racist?




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  • hong kong is one of the world's most international cities and financial areas so it is very rare for racism to occur, as many locals grow up with people of all races. I have lived in hk so long and I've made friends of all races from primary school to middle school- cantonese, mainland chinese, taiwanese, indian, american, british, australian, new zealand. We all get along and I'm really blessed that I don't see racism in hong kong at all. When I moved overseas for university I realised that hong kong was such a bubble because discrimination is noticeable outside of my hometown. If anything, hong kong in general are not racist. I think that there might be certain misunderstandings when people of different races get together and don't speak the same language, (ie cantonese); and some people who are more posh (rich) may sometimes look down on their poorer counterparts, but I don't see any racial hatred in hk.

    Posted by Angelica on October 10, 2012 at 04:32 PM
  • There is indeed racism between the Chinese and Indian the Sub-Continent people (Pak/India/Sri Lankans. etc). Which is a shame. There is another racism. Go to Sai Kung or other places where the White expats live, you will note that they treat locals like they are not welcome.....Amazing!

    Posted by Zeb on October 11, 2012 at 09:58 PM
  • Driver of Minibus asked me to get out after I paid the fare and waiting for it to move. He used Slang word in Cantonese to my specified ethnicity and told me to "get out, even though I paid fee"

    Posted by anonymous on October 12, 2012 at 04:24 PM
  • Yes, clearly very racist . The darker you are the more locals don't like you. Wonder what the origin of that is ?

    Posted by Jimsie on October 12, 2012 at 04:58 PM
  • Yes,Hong Kong is a most racist society. I've lived in HK for like 10 years before and after the '97 handover. I'm overseas Chinese and this is what I've learned over the years. If you wear a hat with a neck shade/sand protector your called Japanese. WTF. My Cantonese is bad as I don't know what that is as I speak Hakka,but thru alot of trial and error like when a parent speaks to a baby,I mimic the sound. So today my Cantonese is passable.But I still can't read or write it.I'd lost out on jobs and interview time it's like write it or read the test. Fail .Anyway,domestic helpers Indonesian are the lowest paid and most abused $1k, Filipinas get several times that need to do extra chorus for their stay in the household. When you go to the customs you'll notice the sign HKID passport nationals here.I see a darker skin person jumping the queue to this officer and the officer just got their pen and pointed at the sign,. The traveler had an SAR passport. When your overseas like to the States(a stopover for me) customs will have Asian speaking interpreter available. When going out on to clubs and bars do you want to be local or western? In local clubs all Chinese,and triads wannabe's singing karoake and playing loud guessing dice games. Or go to western bars and clubs with high marked up entrance fee and drinks with juke box music playing or live bands singing in English songs. Well I can experience both and everybody wants my greens. Westerners caucasians they think they're superior to locals. That's why they're always in Wanchai,Hollywood road or at the Lan Kwai Fong. You live there long enough you'll pick up on the slangs and swears.I'm proficient in this area,first learned all the bad language then the rest is easy. The darker your skin you'll get alot of hatred. For those of you don't know "Gwai" leaned it . Meaning Foreign or ghost add a color and that's you. Local Chinese people will most likely not set foot in Chung king Mansion on Nathan rd. TST.It's a massive apartment building with poor electrical and ventilation problems. It's housing for a lot of low budget tourists and over stayed immigrants. I'm not a full bred local so I went there many times for samosa. Everyone knows English,they just refused to speak it as they feel embarrassed when it's wrong pronunciation or unable to express their emotions.After 150 years of suppression from the Brits,it's pride to speak the mother language Cantonese. Although there's an limited opened border of Mainland Chinese daily.HK has the most beef with them. From stealing jobs(locals we're working at a high wage before '97),taking all the bed space to give birth in hospitals and lack of education and manners. Most importantly screwing the welfare benefit system. I know an old 62 year old stays in HK get's his social assistance $ and takes off to his home in a remote place in China after staying 5 days in HK. He repeats this method every month.You can go to you tube for mouthy attitude verbal fights.My weekly kicks. When mixed marriage happened it's too shocking,if it's not the same skin tone and nationality,it's doom. The parents will never accept and mostly likely disowned and they need to moved out of the district or the country. Stay as far away and not be associate with your birth parents. If someone didn't experience racism or stereotypical beef,you must have bubble wrap around you and smelling cotton candy. I was a fortunate to have met local friends,staff and some overseas Chinese during my stay in Hong Kong.

    Posted by Happyx on October 15, 2012 at 03:03 AM
  • Hong Kong as one of the world's most international cities is a big joke!! “Asia World City” truly isn’t a world city if you compare Hong Kong to New York, Toronto or London, where those cities are true mix of cultures from around the world. With a Chinese population at 95%, Hong Kong in inherently xenophobic just like other places around Asia. The only exception I would say is Singapore, where there is a real blend of different cultures. Singapore truly is “Asia’s World City”.

    Posted by Canuck on October 16, 2012 at 08:36 PM
  • If you have dark skin, you are immediately regarded as lower class. If you are local, you are judged by your level of financial security, job, where you live and who you know. HK society is brutal and recognised as a very money oriented , immoral and selfish place. I feel for the many Filipinos in HK who are treated like sewer rats. Its quite appalling and I am personally ashamed to be a HK chinese person.

    Posted by Eddie Chi on January 29, 2013 at 02:06 PM
  • Woah! There are some people who hold some serious anger towards the Hongkees here! ( wink wink! breath a little!) I was born and raise in Hong Kong, lived in few different countries including France, Japan and USA in period of 12 years. Honestly, don't feel alone in racism. Chinese can't even stand each other! Look at history of China, north hates the south. Shanghaiese can't stand the Beijing-er...local fighting against each other... etc. The measurement of Racism is hypothetically different from the east to the west. Dark skin is linked to peasant who works in the field since farming age begin. Chinese, Japanese & Korean perceives white skin to be the standard of beauty, even the Filipinas loves their face whitening products. Look into the statistic of whitening beauty product and compares to western world. Vice versa, Tanning product tends to not sell well in Asia. Look at the Parisian! They dislike everyone else, which is preciously why Paris is so much fun to explore around. We all holds pride as human being & Hong Kong is a stressful city. Hong kong people cant tolerate a lot of things including noise, waiting in line and too out of the box thinking. People are going to be a bit rude after a tough long day. Chill, have a glass of wine or vent out your anger here if you like. Life can be so much better when you don't hold racism in the core of your mind and assuming other dislike you. Cheers!

    Posted by Tracy on May 17, 2013 at 01:50 AM
  • HK isn't more racist then any Western city. People in the West are just trained to be politically correct. We are just hypocrites here in the West. I am a shade of brown and have been to HK a few times but have never experienced racism so far. Be yourself, open your mind to the local cluture and all is golden!

    Posted by Ken on May 21, 2013 at 05:07 AM
  • why is it after 100 years of British colonism, Hong Kong people still speak poor English unlike their Indian counterparts, or other Britsh colonies for that matter? India also used to be a British colony and its inhabitants speak English very well. There is definitely a sense of superiority of the Hong Kong Chinese that they are unable to successfully become bilingual during the British colony. They are not interested in other cultures other than their own. They don't want to learn British culture or speak English, so no wonder they are so racist because HK Chinese think they are the best. In the end they have a lost identity and no talent because theu don't want to learn Chinese culture nor British culture, so they represent neither.

    Posted by Hong Konger on July 23, 2013 at 02:01 PM
  • Britain had a war to defend the people of the Falklands but happily gave Hong Kong to China because the people of Hong Kong are not white. Britain is racist, there is no argument.

    Posted by Minami Sumi on September 13, 2013 at 10:50 AM
  • I've visited Hong Kong for a month and the most racist people I have ever met are the mainland Chinese. Hong Kong residents aren't far behind. They blame the white man for everything. The funny part is the way they think they are superior to the whites - with the slums and public housing ghettos. Not to mention the fact the Chinese can only copy everything the West does, and not invent anything themselves. In fact, the Chinese say they hate the West but they are all so DESPERATE to copy Westerners in clothing, make up, suits, computers etc etc Whites built Hong Kong - now watch as the Chinese destroy it.

    Posted by Remote Visitor on September 14, 2013 at 09:33 AM
  • I was born in HK but live in Canada. I've been back recently and I feel that people in HK are mostly not racist, there are some, but not too many and certainly no more than western countries. I see people welcoming all races, dark skin, light skin, mid-tone skin like the locals. Though I see sometimes people can be ignorant but only the uneducated ones or (some) people of the older generations who dwell in Sham Shui Po (they stare at everyone) where as the later generations and more educated people treat everybody equally and does not find things too surprising as the former. For the people who say HK is racist, racists are all over the world, be ware of where the racists in HK dwells, its not racist all over the city.

    Posted by Phebe on September 30, 2013 at 04:47 AM
  • Hk is the most racist country i have ever been too and the worst culprits are immigration officers at the airport... They treat filipinas indonesians appallingly. They regularly leave the helper section immigration desk unmanned for an hour or so just to make them wait.... Its ridiculous really.... And the only people the ever stop at customs are blacks... I have lived here 21 years and only ever seen black people stopped. The most worrying thing is that all 10-15 officers on duty see a black guy walking thru the green channel and ALL of them will converge on him, it is laughable and so obvious they have been trained to do so.... HK is quite rightly labelled racist...

    Posted by Dave on November 3, 2013 at 06:49 PM
  • I hate traveling thru Hong Kong so-called international airport but it the fastest way to Philippines' Some of the people there are very helpful and some hate when black man comes thru their airport so they try to make the person traveling thru that airport less than them in all forms.And push their weight around to feel big while in their country mind-you these are people who work for the airport. They try to start fights yelling at black men and wanting the black person to call them sir yes'm sir. Every time I go thru I feel like a slave and that makes their ego feel good. They have forgotten who help save them when Japan took over their country. I have contact the airport and they thinks its' a joke. One day as God is in control they will need America help again. Laying down our lives for people who are racist toward black man. Even if there's a misunderstanding they gang up on you like thugs.What I wonder why would a person get a job in international airport when people come from all over the world just to gang up the traveler for no reason

    Posted by Joe on April 7, 2014 at 05:58 PM

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