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No blogger more reliably brings a smile to our faces than sassy Miss Fong in Hong Kong. This Chinese-Canadian gal about town has, in less than a year here, given utterance to hilarious banalities. Entries cover the obviously comic (bad haircuts), the bizarre and unnerving (a clip of a man humping an MTR pole), and the heartwarmingly sublime (a handless, head-writing beggar). In every post, laser-sharp yet breezy, Miss Fong always gets it right.
Hemlock describes his blog as ‘scathing’ and ‘damning’ and we agree: nowhere else in town do we find so effortlessly merciless a tongue. Hemlock recently zinged PCCW scion Richard Li for deploying his reps to push a new product: “Eager customers, they imagine, will be hurling saliva-drenched credit cards at the salesmen in seconds.” For his wit and willingness to zero in on all that could be better in town, a toast to Hemlock.
They don’t comemuch more comprehensive than this sprawling blog by the former CNN Beijing bureau chief-turned-HKU academic. Fluent in Putonghua and written Chinese, and unafraid to ask big questions about censorship, MacKinnon’s postings, while relatively less frequent than the others singled out here, are always carefully researched, nuanced, and of-the-moment. Her close contacts with and understanding of Mainland netizens make her blog essential reading for serious Sinophiles.
Whimsy and outrage don’t normally go hand in hand, but Cecilie Gamst Berg pulls off the feat daily with short, photo-filled postings on everything from trips to her native Norway to what’s been happening in Xinjiang. The longtime HK resident, who also speaks and teaches Cantonese and Putonghua, captures Hong Kong through the eyes of a caustic expat who loves nothing more than taking pithy jabs at a certain bow-tied Chief Executive. It ain’t Tung Chee-wa.


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