Interview: DJ Adrian & Mysterious D


What’s been the craziest party?

The Burning Man Festival in Black Rock Desert, Nevada. We spun for over seven hours, taking chances by mixing Whitney Houston with Guns N’ Roses, Dolly Parton with The Beatles – the crowd ate it up. The only reason we stopped was because the generator was running out of gas, and the party was running out of booze!

What’s the cheesiest stuff you play?

It’s called Celeshake and it mashes up Kool & The Gang’s seminal party standard Celebration with the Ying Yang Twins’ Shake. Despite its glorious cheesiness, there’s just something about that song that everyone seems to love, even if they don’t want to admit it.

Do you ever get pissed at each other?

We run all the Bootie parties together, DJ together, and we’re married. So yes, of course there’s friction on occasion. It goes with the territory.

What clubs do you both hate?

We hate what we call ‘Hipster Douche-Bag Parties’, where patrons aren’t there for the music or to let themselves go – they’re there to show off how much money they have, or how fancy they’re dressed. It’s very pretentious and doesn’t seem fun.

What clubs do you love to play at?

Our Bootie parties are probably filled with the most eclectic, diverse, and happy crowds. It’s like a Noah’s Ark of nightlife – B-boys dancing with goth chicks, skater punks dancing with upscale yuppies. There is nothing more gratifying than watching such a diverse audience singing along and dancing, and just having a great time sharing the moment.

Tina Lee

DJ Adrian & Mysterious D play Club JJ's, Sat 31


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Grand Hyatt, 1 Harbour Rd

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$260, $240 (adv)
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