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It’s not often that you get to meet a DJ whose main influence for getting into mixing and making music was roller discos. In fact, Wendy Wenn’s decision not to carry on with further education after leaving school was purely because of the lure of four wheels, tights, flares and disco balls: “The reason I couldn’t work was because of the roller skating. I was just so into it. I always wanted to go to the disco.” Clearly lamenting the fact that they are now “no more,” Wenn, having purchased her first pair of turntables with a group of friends back in the late 90s, has since taken that spirit and pumped it into her sets at Yumla (“the best club right now in Hong Kong”) and other venues across the city (if only Canton Disco was still open, she weeps). Her current day job may, in her own terms, be, well, a day job, but over the years she has also experienced the myriad trials of magazine production (a music monthly called Chalk some ten years ago) and is now starting to make a name for herself as a producer in her own right. By Oliver Clasper

What’s the most memorable set you’ve ever done?
There was this party in Shek O around ten years ago with a really nice bamboo bar at the back of the beach. It felt like you were somewhere else, not in Hong Kong.

What’s the worst set you can remember?
There was a competition to remix a track for the Ting Tings. I tried to loop it, but it just didn’t work on the CD player. People were standing round thinking, ‘what the fuck is she doing?’ I was really embarrassed.

Essential three tracks in your record bag?
Chris Fortier Fantastic Diversion (Maetrik Remix), Andrea Oliva 9 Seconds with Jazz, and David Squilace Crocodile Tears.

Which DJ would you most like to play with?
Claude VonStroke or Dubfire

How would you describe your sound?
I think I try to go deep, really deep. It’s techno, but not really. And then back to more funky stuff.

Best venue ever in Hong Kong?
Neptunes, in Wan Chai.

Where would you most like to play in the world?
Everywhere. [Giggles]

What is the best thing about the clubbing scene in Hong Kong, if there is one?
Nothing. Either the venue’s good, but they charge you like crazy and you can’t make a party, or you have the money and the people don’t turn up.

What do you most dislike about yourself?
[Pause] I forget things too easily.

Favourite word?

Favourite swear word?

Diu. It means fuck.

When was the last time you cried, and why?
About a month ago. I didn’t understand anything about life, about work, about people, about everything around me.

What song would you want played at your funeral?
It would have to be Lou Reed’s Perfect Day.

Wendy Wenn plays at Haus at Azure on Sep 18 and at Techno? at Yumla on Sep 25.

Listen to and download Wendy Wenn's Boxcast mix right here

1.   Andri // Pimpin Bell
2.   Chris Lattner // Golden Palace // Groove Edit
3.   Layo & Bushwacka // The Longest Day // Audiofly Remix
4.   Audiofly // Backroom Buziness
5.   Axel Boman // Purple Drank
6.   Tom Pooks // Head Phone // Marco Dassi Dusty Remix
7.   Echonomist // Days Of High And Low
8.   Justin Martin & Ardalan // Mr. Spock
9.   Marc DePulse // From Zantiago Zo Zaire // Plastic FM Remix
10. Sierra Sam & Marcus Vector // Gangsta Pimp Style
11. Saytek // Bad Londoner // Lee Pennington Remix
12. Justin Martin & Galen // Dust Devil
13. Davide Squillace // The Other Side Of Bed
14. Alessio Mereu // The Queen Of Hearts // The Dolphins Remix
15. Strict Border // The Gathering

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