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Story Night at the Culture Club Gallery


For those who have never been to a live storytelling event, it's as simple as it sounds: plucky people stand on stage with a microphone and tell their own tales. There're no special effects. No canned laughter. Just a genuine voice that makes you laugh and cry.

Having met each other at TakeOut Comedy (a local comedian community), Tom Tiding and David Young are two folks who have kickstarted Story Night, the first storytelling event in town. “It's huge in the United States - we are just trying to bring it to Hong Kong,” says Tiding, who enjoyed a series of successful storytelling experiences back in the US and holds storytelling workshops in town. “This city has people coming from all over the world,” he adds. “We hope to gather everyone and help them tell their own stories.”

Their first Story Night was held on August 2 and Time Out was there to get in on the fun. Eight keen storytellers converged at the Culture Club Gallery in Elgin Street, each taking to the stage and telling their real life experiences to a captivated crowd. Tiding opened the night by bringing the audience back to the funny moments of his sister's bachelor party. Then six others took the mic and also gave amusing or moving anecdotes. Though not impeccable, their stories were hilarious and moving enough that you could definitely feel their sincerity. Young wrapped up the night by telling a heartwarming story about his teenage son.

The interesting thing about storytelling is, unlike stand-up comedy, there's no pressure to laugh or make others laugh - but everyone can still have a great time by showing their true selves.  “We just want everyone come here to have a good time,” says Tiding. And they did that job with aplomb. 

Gloria Cheung  


The next storytelling session is at SoHoMe, 10 Elgin St, Central, on Monday August 13, from 7pm. It's a free event with a less formal structure where people can share their ideas. There's also a storytelling workshop on August 20 at Trust Tower, 68 Johnston Rd, from 7pm. This is a formal class taught by David Young and Tom Tiding. The cost is $200. 


The next 'storytelling shows' are on September 6 (theme: Law and Order), October 4 (theme: Going Places, Stories about Travel), and October 31 (theme: Things That Go Bump in the Night). All of these are at Culture Club Gallery, 15 Elgin St, and start at 8pm, with a cost of$120. To find out more about the events, email Tom Tiding at




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