Gaming goes electric at Adrenaline


In a city where smart phones are everywhere, it seems outdated that horseracing still requires manually filling-in complicated tickets that, quite frankly, lots of people really knows how to use. Especially, that is, the younger generation.

It’s with that in mind that Happy Valley Racecourse’s Adrenaline bar has refurbished and sexed itself up, installing some new interactive gaming system – the IBU Zone (‘Interactive Best For U’) – that makes it easy for the iPhone/Android generation to get into the most popular spectator sport in Hong Kong.

It’s a clear attempt by the Jockey Club to revive the old sport of racing. Concerned by some research they’d conducted that racing is typically seen as an old man’s activity (with crumpled newspaper and cigarette in hand), the IBU Zone is specifically targeted to lure in some hip, cool youngsters.

Adrenaline now sports two of the world’s largest multi-touch racing entertainment tables (much like a giant tablet) that displays racing information in a user-friendly way with simplified odds and trends. Simply click and drag the horse number out where it will expand to a photo and more info where you can read up for the horse and its jockey. There’s videos, tips, past info as well as all important jockey colours (yeah, we know how your betting mind works).

Jessie Lau

Admission to adrenaline is $290 inc one cocktail and tapas buffet. Get a free $100 JTap card until July 11. Click here to register.



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