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Want to stay in the loop in the food world? This witty Hong Kong-based food blog keeps you posted on food-related news in the city, from restaurant reviews to recipes to news to foodie movies and song lyrics. Seriously – songs.
Open Rice is a brilliant website, if you can read Chinese. It offers a detailed search of various restaurants in Hong Kong, recipes using unusual, yet popular ingredients like Ovaltine, and an open food forum. Budding chefs can even create profiles to advertise. Mmmm, ho sik ah.
Want to find out the juiciest meal deals or the newest bars and restaurants? Taasty has just about every aspect of fine dining in Hong Kong covered, including a wide price range, and plenty of gossip. No Angie Wong though…
Need a restaurant with some extra oomph for your anniversary meal? Fear not, the Deli Prince will give you a royal tour (from a true Hongkonger’s point of view) of some of the city’s yummiest bites. Chinese-language only.
Which restaurant recently made the best salmon dish? What is Star Street’s newest star restaurant? Can a person called Angel, Angela, or Angelina really get a free meal at Angelini’s? How much wood could a wood chuck? All this and more, on Eat Drink Hong Kong.


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